Ruby Brandon (Yr8), Sadie Merritt (Yr8), Fatima Adnan (Yr7) and Elizabeth Case (Yr7) all accompanied Dr Saunders to take part in the Salter’s Institute RSC competition which was held at Bradford University.  The morning practical revolved around a crime scene and pupils had to carry out a range of analytical techniques to solve a puzzle.  In the second challenge the pupils were faced with the problem in relation to making a dye change colour to a range of specific requirements.  They had to investigate different combinations of solutions to achieve a model set of results, and then produce one specific colour at the judges request, all under the scrutiny of the judges.  The day was finished off with a Chemistry spectacular involving plenty of bangs, flashes and even a volcanic explosion, which left the ceiling in a state!

The Team thoroughly enjoyed their day and was placed 3rd in the Salter’s Challenge. They found the experience invaluable and gained a huge amount of experience from it.

Click here to watch the 1st Chemistry spectacular

Click here to watch the 2nd Chemistry spectacular