We aim to provide students with a breadth of knowledge about a range of seminal studies and theories in Sociology, bringing them to life through practical application of research methods and wide-ranging interactive activities. We encourage passion for our subjects, leading students to enjoy their study of Sociology. Fundamentally, we strive to ensure each student achieves their personal best academically, whatever their starting point, so that they can successfully transition into higher education or training courses of their choice.


We follow the AQA curriculum in Sociology. Topics are ordered methodically to allow progression of knowledge over time and to ensure students can confidently access the subject content.

Year 12 students complete the following topics:

  • Families and Households: Students learn about different family types. They study changes in gender roles, domestic labour and demographic trends.
  • Research Methods: Students study different ways in which research can be conducted. They discuss the strengths and limitations of each method and apply this knowledge to a wide range of pieces of research.
  • Education: Students investigate the differences in educational achievement and experience between different social groups. They will study the structure and function of the education system and implications of sociological research for educational policies.
  • Methods in Context: Students apply their knowledge of research methods to their learning about education, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using each method in an educational setting.

Year 13 students complete the following topics:

  • Crime and Deviance: Students investigate the causes and distribution of crimes and methods and implications of crime control.
  • Beliefs in Society: Students discuss differences in the organisation of belief systems and the function of beliefs within society. They study social change, social stability and globalisation with reference to belief systems.
  • Theories and Methods: Students investigate the main theoretical perspectives in Sociology and learn how these have been applied to a range of topics across the discipline.

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Facilities and Resources

Students are taught in a Sociology specific classroom which is designed to have a range of bespoke resources available for them. Guidance for examination technique is clearly displayed and there are a range of wider reading opportunities for them in both our QR code library and selection of hard copies of books. Students are also provided with access to the following to enable them to succeed in Sociology:

  • Hard copies of our course textbooks
  • Class resources tailored specifically for QEGS students
  • Online activities delivered via Google Classroom, including access to all the Powerpoints, worksheets and handouts provided in class
  • A Google Site which acts as a hub for specification details, practice examination questions, links to revision websites, interesting podcasts and documentaries linked to our specification and study skills booklets


We had previously planned a joint Psychology and Sociology trip to London to visit the Royal Courts of Justice, the Clink Prison Museum, and many more sites which link to the study of both Forensic Psychology and Crime and Deviance. Unfortunately, the trip was unable to go ahead due to COVID restrictions coming into place, however we look forward to being able to offer similar opportunities in the future.


We offer a bi-weekly Film and Book Club for pupils in Year 11 to introduce them to a range of the features of the Psychology and Sociology courses. We have investigated links to the subjects in a range of contexts and discussed how both subjects can be applied to real life. Additionally, students in Sociology have entered essay-writing competitions in which they write about topics beyond the specification, applying their knowledge and further developing their research skills. Topics have included “How can sociology contribute to our understanding of Love Island/Brexit/Extinction Rebellion?”. Students also benefit from intervention clinics to ensure they have access to additional help should they need it.

For more information please contact:

Mrs KL Redwood

Subject Leader – Psychology & Sociology