In-Year Applications

Our School is currently full in all year groups though admission may be possible, subject to places being available. Requests for in-year applications should be made through The Place Planning & Admissions Team at the Local Authority (Tel: 01254 666605).

A parent MUST complete an in-year application, and have been sent a ‘refusal of a place’ letter in order to join the Waiting List.  In-year applicants (Senior School only) MUST also sit the Fair Banding Assessment.  Assessments are held once per term on pre-determined dates (these will be advertised on the school website, Facebook and Twitter pages) and your child will be invited to the next available assessment once we have received your completed “In-Year” application from the local authority.  If you miss the date of an assessment, you must wait until the following terms date to sit the assessment.  Your child cannot be added to our Waiting List or be considered for a place until the Fair Banding Assessment result is known.

If you are unsuccessful in being offered a place, your child’s name will be automatically placed on the school’s waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria/random draw.  The School’s Waiting List is not held numerically, but in accordance with our oversubscription criteria. If you wish your child’s name to remain on the waiting list for subsequent years, you should contact the School Admissions Department during the first 2 weeks of term in September each subsequent year, otherwise your child’s name will be removed from the waiting list.  Please email to remain on our waiting list, providing:

  • your name
  • your child’s name
  • your current address
  • your childs date of birth
  • their current school
  • details of any siblings currently at QEGS
  • up-to-date contact numbers we can reach you on.

Your In-Year application must also be renewed every 12 months to be eligible for any vacant place. It is the responsibility of the parent to do this, the school will not remind you.