QEGS Careers Department

Careers Education and Guidance is statutory from Year 7. At QEGS we are committed to providing outstanding CEIAG for all pupils and students. The school aims and ethos underpin the work of the department. Pupils and students are all able to achieve but can only fulfil their potential if they understand themselves, their abilities and the possibilities available to them.

A young person’s career is their pathway through learning and work. All young people need a planned programme of activities to help them make decisions and plan their careers, both in school and after they leave. We provide impartial CEIAG to pupils and students in all years. As a school we source and fund this CEIAG provision as well as ensuring the quality of the provision is continually monitored and quality assurance procedures and processes are in place.

Department Aim

To enable pupils and students to increase their knowledge, develop understanding and skills relevant to life in a rapidly changing world. CEIAG at QEGS is an integral part of the preparation of all pupils and students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in modern society. All CEIAG is impartial and unbiased.

More Information

Meet the Careers Team

  • Careers Leader – Mr NH Vyse
  • Head of Careers – Mrs J Powell
  • UCAS Officer – Miss A Ash
  • SENCO – Miss S Arshad


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