QEGS Mentors

The Peer Mentoring Programme forms a part of our pastoral offering.

We strongly believe in the benefits of pupils helping others and by placing pupils at the heart of our offering, we have seen them thrive in their roles as Peer Mentors. Research has shown that peer mentoring can increase self-efficacy, self-reflection and enhance problem-solving and decision-making abilities. It also fosters a sense of inclusion and belonging – values integral to pupils achieving their maximum potential at QEGS. 

Peer mentors can provide practical and emotional support to pupils who are struggling with a lack of strategies for mental health. They can offer guidance on how to cope with difficult emotions and situations, signpost young people to appropriate sources of support, and act as a sounding board for ideas and concerns. As well as being beneficial for those who receive mentoring, peer mentoring can also have a positive impact on the mentors themselves; helping them to develop leadership skills, empathy, and confidence. 

All peer mentors have had comprehensive training sessions and are confident with how to assist their peersAll sessions take place under supervision, they meet once a weekDuring these sessions conversations are had, reports looked at, class charts data discussed, and well-being checkedThe sessions are supervised by two experienced Head of Years and notes are completed by the mentors at the end of each session.

Peer mentoring allows our pupils to develop skills that they would not necessarily pick up in other aspects of School life, for example, the ability to empathise and react appropriately to certain situations. 

Year 11 pupils are currently working with Year 9 pupils and Year 12 Pupils are assisting with Year 8.  We are extremely proud of all of the young people who have volunteered to be a part of something that benefits so many people and the school community as a whole.