English Language and Literature


 The overarching aim of the English curriculum is to provide all pupils with the means to communicate effectively through the written and spoken word. Our united mission is to embed challenge, but equally to engage and foster creativity and enjoyment of English. We introduce pupils to the rich and varied literary heritage and aim to make links with contemporary fiction and non-fiction. The enjoyment of reading is central to all that we do as we strive to develop confidence and curiosity as well as a love of literature and language.


At A Level, we study the English Language and Literature combined qualification which introduces students to a varied selection of prose, drama and poetry. Over the course of two years, students analyse point of view and genre in texts such as The Handmaid’s Tale and The Great Gatsby before progressing on to study the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy. Underpinning all aspects of the course, is the analysis of language with particular emphasis on developed personal interpretation and insight into writer’s methods.


The English Department is based in Queen’s Wing close to the well-stocked library and a full-time librarian. Our classrooms are spacious, inviting and colourful which reflects how proud we are of our thriving department. There are currently seven experienced English teachers who bring a wide range of expertise but who also specialise in drama, creative writing and debate. English Intervention Clinic is available for pupils and students of Sixth Form every Monday after school.


The English Department has been involved in several trips and visits, notably:

The Great Gatsby, Lowry Theatre

Jekyll and Hyde, Preston Guild Theatre

Frankenstein The Royal Exchange, Manchester


Recent whole school drama productions have included Journey’s End, Death of a Salesman, The Adams Family, and an adaptation of Great Expectations.

In addition to a weekly drama club, the English department also offer a debate club

Journaling and a creative writing group.

For more information please contact:

Mr M Hewitt

Head of English