REMINDER: School will close on Thursday 9th July at 3.30pm.
If you are a key worker and require childcare after 9th July 2020, please contact us on 01254 686300 to direct you to local BwD services


It is with regret that we have made the decision that the QEGS Bus Service will not operate from September 2020.

Following a consultation with all parents and carers, and a subsequent unsuccessful proposal of a restructured service, the School is no longer in a position to substantially subsidise the bus service.

Each parent and carer has been contacted individually to inform them of this decision, which has been made following discussions with the School’s governors and a questionnaire that was circulated to all parents and carers in Lent term. Each affected family has also been offered the opportunity to make individual arrangements with the School and we are happy to be moving forwards with these arrangements.

If you have further questions relating to this issue or would like to ask any questions regarding school transport and travel arrangements, please contact