Welcome to the Primary Phase

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School Primary Phase retains the same independent-school ethos as the Senior School. We believe that every child is unique, each having their own special qualities that makes him or her stand out from the crowd.

We have the very highest expectations of our pupils in all aspects of school life, helping them to reach their full potential. We aim high, we believe in ourselves, we stand together, we are kind and we are responsible.

Our pupils are very considerate of the feelings of others, supporting each other with kind words or gestures, caring for their environment and consequently creating a happy family atmosphere throughout the school.

Mrs HL Southworth 

Head of Primary Phase

Values and Behaviour

In Autumn 2016, we decided to create a common set of values and behaviours for the Primary Phase that everyone understands and abides by. A common set of values and behaviours provides pupils with the language and tools to recognise and articulate when behaviour is right and when it is going wrong. We required the shared values and behaviour to be consistently applied, simple and visual in order for pupils to understand from Reception through to Year 6. Consequently embedding these into school life to promote positive behaviour.

Thinking about our core values, agreeing upon them, designing and then ultimately embedding them was a long process, which was led by Mrs Case (mother to Elizabeth, Hannah and Tom) and assisted by Miss Singleton and Miss Presho. It was really important that everybody had the right to be involved and have their say.

The process began with every pupil in the Primary Phase being consulted about what they felt made a good day or a bad day. The School Council then took part in an afternoon workshop to delve deeper into these ideas, making lists of what they believed makes QEGS such a great school. Following this, the staff took part in a smaller workshop before our five key values were created: we aim high; we believe in ourselves; we stand together; we are kind and we are responsible.

Please click here for a copy of the workshop presentation.

These five core values were revealed to the whole school in an assembly led by the pupils of the School Council before being successfully embedded throughout the school.