Code of Conduct

In our community of well over 1,000, everyone is expected to show courtesy and consideration in caring for others, for the School and for our local community. Our expectations are clearly expressed in our School Code.

At Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School we all agree to:

  • Give of our best at all times
  • Value learning and the right of every pupil/student to learn
  • Be properly prepared for work and play
  • Treat others with kindness, tolerance and respect
  • Address members of the School community in a courteous and considerate manner
  • Help those who are in difficulty or in need of support
  • Care for our own property, School property and the property of others
  • Act upon the advice and instructions we are given
  • Understand and obey the School Rules
  • Report bullying and other anti-social behaviour
  • Understand the importance of Health and Safety information
  • Behave as exemplary members of the School community, especially when we are wearing School uniform
  • Work together for a safe, ordered and happy School.

This is our School Code.

Discipline at Queen Elizabeth’s is very good, and this is reinforced by excellent staff/pupil/student relations. Nonetheless, it is right we should be clear about expectations so we hope what follows, most of it entirely obvious, is of use.