Preparing pupils for life in Modern Britain. Raising awareness of keeping safe, including online safety.


Personal, Social, Health and Economic education is taught in specific timetabled lessons throughout the school from Primary Phase to Sixth Form.

The curriculum is broad and balanced and is based around the cross-curricular themes of Citizenship, Environment, Health, Careers and Economic and Industrial Awareness. It has been designed as a ‘spiral’ curriculum where pupils return to similar themes at a higher level in subsequent years, as the extract below shows:

Year Lent Topic A (Cycle 8 – 10)

Staying Safe

Lent Topic B (Cycle 11 – 13)


7 Substance use and misuse

  • What is a drug? The law and categories of drugs
  • Overview of the main categories of drugs, including alcohol and tobacco.
  • Alcohol and the problems it causes in our towns and cities

  • Building positive relationships with others
  • Avoiding stereotypes and judging people by appearance
  • Family relationships
  • How to communicate effectively with others
  • Understanding expectations – responsibility and challenge
8 Bullying

  • What constitutes bullying? Why does it happen? Different types of bullying – case studies
  • The effects of bullying and how to report it, stop it and make sure our school community is safe
  • Anti-bullying material and how to be effective in making sure everyone in our community understands the school policy on bullying
Relating to Adults

  • The relationship between parent and child
  • Parental responsibilities and the law
  • Building positive relationships
  • Supporting the family unit
  • How to communicate with parents and carers to maintain a healthy relationship in the home as pupils go through adolescence
9 Illicit Substances

  • What is a drug? The law and categories of drugs
  • Effects of prescription drugs and risk of addiction
  • The wider consequences of drug use on the family and those close to us
Sexual Relationships

  • Considering the qualities of a life-long partner
  • The evolution of gender in marriage or a long-term partnership
  • Negotiating skills
  • Effective communication and resisting pressure
  • Applying communication skills learnt to practise ways to react in social environments where peers may put you under pressure
  • Keeping safe – Project X
10 Domestic Violence

  • What is abuse and how can you spot the early signs of a potentially abusive relationship?
  • To apply the 10 behaviours linked to Domestic Violence in scenarios both viewed and acted out (drama activity)
  • To apply our learning in producing information leaflets to raise awareness of Domestic Violence and where to get help
Relationships – Parenting

  • Considering the qualities of a life-long partner
  • The evolution of gender in marriage or a long-term partnership
  • Considering having a family
  • Parenting and the responsibilities associated with being a parent
  • Case studies of different parenting experiences
11 Consequences of Substance Use and Misuse

  • Illicit drugs (Cannabis and MDNA): the short and long-term effects, health risks and consequences on the wider family/community
  • Heroin addiction case study
  • Legal Highs – the law, health effects and making healthy choices
Leaving Home

  • Basic first aid – CPR and recovery position
  • A safe night out – the risks and planning ahead when going out with peers/friends – One Punch Campaign
  • Changing relationships – how friendships will change as pupils move to Sixth Form/college/work
  • Developing an understanding of the working environment and how to be effective in communicating in the workplace


PSHE is delivered by the Department’s Subject Leader. The subject specialist teaches a wide range of disciplines to reflect the needs of pupils preparing for post-18 education and careers. Cross-curricular links are developed and maintained to ensure pupils understand the context of life skills in their academic studies.


Examples from 2016-2017:

  • Youth Forum and Youth Parliament election campaign and voting – Council Chambers, Blackburn. Skills Fair, NEC, Birmingham.
  • The Apprenticeship Fair, Conference Centre, Manchester.
  • Drive Aware, The King George’s Hall, Blackburn.
  • Anthony Nolan Trust.
  • BT Openreach.
  • Delegates from Accounting and Finance.


School Council


For more information contact:

Miss AJ Sharples
Subject Leader of PSHE