REMINDER: School will close on Thursday 9th July at 3.30pm.
If you are a key worker and require childcare after 9th July 2020, please contact us on 01254 686300 to direct you to local BwD services
Useful Information

Useful Information


If a pupil forgets their swimming kit we do have a spare set in school for pupils to use or we may telephone home to request parents bring in their child’s swimming kit. Please note that if your child is well enough to be in school they will be expected to swim. A medical note from the doctor will be required if your child is in school but unable to swim.

Appointments with Form Teachers

For the safety of our pupils, please be reminded that entrance to the KS2 building is for pupils and staff only. Should you wish to speak with a member of staff, please visit Primary Reception where you will be able to leave a message, or make an appointment before or after school.

We would like to thank all the parents and guardians who have accompanied the staff and pupils on any previous school trips. If you wish to be added to the volunteer list, please visit Primary Reception.

Drop-Off and Collection

At the beginning and end of the school day, parents and guardians are encouraged into the playground. This helps to build a close relationship between home and school – we strive to have excellent links with all of our parents and guardians. If normal arrangements regarding drop-off and collection have to be altered, for example you are delayed or another person is collecting your child, please do let us know. In the event of a delay or change of circumstance, Primary Reception should be contacted on 01254 686311. This avoids any confusion or upset.

Please be reminded that pupils should not be left unattended in the morning before 8.30am. If you need to leave your child before this time, please use the Q-Plus service which operates from 7.45am. If you are interested in childcare before or after school, please visit Primary Reception for further details; there is a charge for this service.

We would also be grateful if you could ensure that your child is at school promptly: school begins at 8.40am and all late absences are recorded. If a pupil arrives at school late it could have a detrimental effect on their learning for the whole day and is disturbing to all other pupils in the class.

Please also be prompt when collecting your child at the end of the day: school finishes at 3.30pm. The teaching staff will wait for 10 minutes with a pupil and then ask the staff from Q-Plus to take any pupils who have not been collected to the Q-Plus rooms, where you will incur a small charge for this service.

Personal Equipment – KS2 Only (Years 3 – 6)

It is important that your child has a small pencil case containing the following equipment: 2 x blue handwriting pens (Year 5+6 only), 2 x HB pencils, a ruler, a rubber, scissors, a glue stick, a blue highlighter, a purple pen and a sharpener (preferably with a compartment for shavings). They should also bring coloured pencils and felt tips. We advise that all stationery items are named.

KS2 Pupil Planner

Please ensure that you discuss your child’s homework diary entry with them each day. Reading undertaken daily at home with your child should also be noted in the Reading Log section of their planner. To ensure efficient and prompt communication between parents, staff and pupils, we ask that planners are signed by a parent or carer at the end of each week.