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After feedback from parents and carers during the last Parents’ Evening, regarding the changes to the teaching of mathematics, the expectations and calculation approaches over the last few years, we wanted to share a PowerPoint training video and our year-by-year calculation procedure with you. 
Mrs Bryant, our Mathematics coordinator, has developed and constructed the aforementioned resources, which will allow you to see how mathematics is taught, structured and built upon, year by year throughout school and to demonstrate the different teaching methods that are used for certain aspects of mathematics. 

Please do take the time to watch the PowerPoint, access the ‘how to’ videos and to read through the calculation procedure, as it is a very useful and clear resource to help you when you are supporting your child at home.  

Calculation Procedure  

Mathematics at QEPS 2023

Mathematics at QEPS 2023

Parent workshop videos

Year 1 

Phonics Screening Presentation 

Phonics Screening check video 

Questions & Answers 

Year 2

KS1 SATS Presentation

End of Key Stage 1 Assessment video 

Questions & Answers

Year 4

Multiplication check Presentation 

Multiplication Check video

Questions & Answers

Year 6

KS2 SATS Presentation

End of Key Stage 2 Assessment video

Questions & Answers