Year 7
Admission arrangements for admission in September 2024

Thank you for your interest in Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School. Applications open on Monday 4th September 2023. For your application to be considered ‘on time’ please apply by Tuesday 31st October 2023.

HOW TO APPLY (please do not apply until your child is in Year 6)

For your child to be considered for a Year 7 place at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School two applications must be completed. To apply, a Common Application Form (CAF) should be submitted to the Local Authority, stating your three preference schools. In addition to this, the School also require a Supplementary Information Form (SIF). A SIF must be received by the School for your child to be invited to sit the Fair Banding Assessment, this can be completed through the ‘Apply Now’ tab below. Applications to the School and the Local Authority must be sent and received by 31st October 2023, any applications submitted after this date will be considered as late applications.

Common Application Forms should be submitted to the Local Authority where you reside. If applying through BwD Local Authority (online portal) you will be reminded, by way of a pop-up on screen (that you must tick to acknowledge you have seen), to complete QEGS’ own SIF. Before you submit your SIF, please check your details carefully and make sure all fields are correct, in particular, your e-mail address, as this is how we will confirm the date and time for your child’s assessment slot. We will not write out to you at your home address.

Please note that when you submit your SIF online, a message will appear stating your application has been submitted, and you will receive an automated e-mail to the e-mail address you used on the application form to confirm submission. Please ensure you retain this as proof of your application (please check your ‘Junk’ email folder if you do not receive it, as your security settings may mean our e-mail is blocked).

Please DO NOT click the submit button more than once when your application is complete.

As a result of completing the SIF you will receive an invitation from the School by e-mail for your child to sit the Fair Banding Assessment, you will NOT receive this until AFTER the national closing date for applications (31st October 2023).

Fair Banding Assessment – please complete the Supplementary Information Form (SIF) below, by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ tab.

The assessment will take place on Saturday 11th November 2023, please refer to section 5.3.1 of the Admissions Policy for important and more detailed information. You can view the Admission Policy for 2024/25 here.


The assessment assesses verbal, numerical and non-verbal abilities. This is a wholly online assessment; the children do not need to bring anything with them on the day of the assessment.

Verbal Ability
Comprehension (15 questions). This section assesses the candidate’s ability to understand text and make inferences.
Related Words (27 questions). This section assesses the candidate’s vocabulary knowledge.
Missing Words (44 words). This section assesses the candidate’s comprehension and vocabulary skills.

Numerical Ability
Arithmetic (23 questions). This section assesses the candidate’s numerical ability through mental arithmetic.
Data Problems (16 questions). This section aims to assess numerical and analytical reasoning through functional data problems.

Non-Verbal Ability
Pictures (24 questions). This section assesses the candidate’s visuo-spatial aspects of fluid intelligence.

If you wish to see a few pages typical of the assessment please click here.

All applicants must sit the Fair Banding Assessment.

Failure to complete the SIF will mean that your child misses sitting the Fair Banding Assessment, because school will not be aware of your preference for a place at QEGS, and therefore it will not be possible for us to consider them for a place until after all the on-time banded applications have been considered.


Apply Now

The result of your Year 7 application will be made known to you by your Local Authority on 1st March 2024 (National Offer Day). The School does not allocate the places.

The Year 7 Induction Morning will be confirmed in due course.

If you are unsuccessful in being offered a place for September 2024, your child’s name will automatically be placed on the Local Authority’s reserve list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria/random draw, (unless you have been offered a higher preference). The reserve list will be maintained by the Local Authority until 31st December 2024, at which point it will be passed back to the School to manage as our waiting list. The School’s waiting list is not held numerically, but in accordance with our oversubscription criteria.

If you wish your child’s name to remain on the waiting list for the rest of the school year, please e-mail the Admissions Department ( during the first two weeks of term in January 2025 to advise, otherwise your child’s name will be removed from the waiting list.