Further Mathematics

In Further Mathematics these ideas, met in the A level Mathematics course, are extended yet further.  In addition to the compulsory content of A level Mathematics there are optional modules extending ideas in pure, mechanics, statistics or decision mathematics. In Further Mathematics, you can do it all!

Course Content – Year 12

All of the areas mentioned in Year 12 Mathematics are covered in Further Mathematics, with Further Mathematicians again studying both the Statistics and Mechanics elements. There is an extension of Pure Mathematics with the introduction of further ideas, including complex numbers, matrices, hyperbolic functions and methods of proof.

Students also cover Decision Mathematics, which looks at the ways in which computers deal with organising essentially easy but time-consuming problems, such as how to fit things most efficiently in boxes and how a salesman could visit a number of towns using as little fuel as possible.

Course Content – Year 13

Typically taught by three teachers, covering all modules offered in Year 13 Mathematics, students extend their Pure Mathematics experience with optional additional courses in Statistics and Mechanics.

Is this course right for me?

If you feel that you have been very successful at GCSE, enjoy the challenges that Mathematics provides, or want to use Mathematics at a high level at University, choose Further Mathematics.

Course highlights

You will have the opportunity to attend a wide range of mathematical activities and trips to help support your studies as well as competing in national competitions.

What can I do next?

Further Mathematicians have as wide a range of choices as mathematicians, but it is usual for them to use their Mathematics in a more tangible way – often students go on to study Mathematics, engineering, a natural science or use it in a finance-based course.

Subject minimum entry requirement

It is highly recommended that you do not opt for Further Mathematics unless you achieve a high grade at GCSE, e.g. 7, 8 or 9.

“Further Mathematics is the most challenging A level available, but it is great for those who really want to push themselves.”

“The small classes enable really close friendships and allows lots of support.”

For more informatiton contact:

Mr D Roocroft
Head of Mathematics and Computer Science