Ethics & Philosophy


In this department, we aim to foster a full appreciation for this subject to be regarded as a proper academic discipline. For us, this means examining religious beliefs, teachings and practices, with a deep commitment to explore the ethical and philosophical dimensions that are interwoven with our subject matter. Running parallel to this, we always strive to cultivate the spiritual, moral, social and cultural fibres of the human character, which we feel are integral to successful citizenship in modern Britain.


In Years 7, pupils examine some of the major world religions including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism (for more information visit As mentioned above, we try to tease out important moral and philosophical themes associated with religious beliefs, holy texts and modern day practices, which make for some excellent class discussions.

In Year 8, pupils begin to grapple with some of the challenging arguments for and against the existence of God. They also explore some controversial and emotive case studies, such as Anne Frank and the Holocaust (for more information visit, and the remarkable true story of a notorious New York gang leader on a quest for redemption (for more information visit:

In Years 9, 10 and 11 pupils have the opportunity to choose Religious Studies GCSE, which has been extremely popular over the last few years. There are two examinations for this course of study, one of which focuses on moral themes and the other examination assesses the knowledge and understanding of two world religions (Christianity and Islam).

The topics studied in Year 9 focus on Christian Beliefs with one EP specialist teacher, and the Crime & Punishment and Peace & Conflict moral themes with the other specialist EP teacher. Year 10 focuses on the extensive topics of Christian Practices and the Life Issues moral theme. Year 11 is devoted to studying Islamic Beliefs and Practices, as well as the final moral theme, which is Relationships & Families. For more information please visit:


We have two classrooms dedicated to Ethics and Philosophy, which are vibrant, purposeful and conducive to learning. Both classrooms are equipped with the staple equipment for modern learning including PC, data projector, DVD player and visualiser. We have a wide range of books, magazine articles, video material and artefacts, and we often like to create our own bespoke resources as much as possible and use a range of strategies to enhance the learning of our pupils. The department is committed to a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies including debates, source analysis, exploring case studies, documentaries, collaborative learning, Socratic questioning, quizzes and mysteries.


Opportunities for educational visits in Ethics and Philosophy have been impacted by Covid restrictions but are gradually becoming available again, and these may include trips to the Preston Faith Trail, the Buddhist Meditation Centre in the Lake District and visiting speakers from the Restorative Justice Organisation. We also run extra-curricular clubs in Ethics and Philosophy, which include the EP Art Club and the EP Film & Media club.

Comments from students:

“It is a subject that really makes you think about things.”

“I enjoy the discussions and it has really made me look at things differently.”

“A very interesting subject where your opinions can easily change and everybody’s thoughts are heard.”

“My favourite subject.”

For more information please contact:

Mr. BM Burton

Joint Head of Humanities (Ethics, Philosophy, and Philosophy)