We aim to bring the world of business to life through lessons that contain lots of interactive activities and opportunities to practice and improve key skills. We place a strong emphasis on each pupil and student performing to their best academically whatever their starting point.


Both the GCSE and A level courses use the Eduqas specifications.

 Y12 (A level): Students cover the following modules:

  • Business Opportunities
  • Business Functions

Y13 (A level): Students cover the following modules:

  • Business Analysis and Strategy
  • Business in a Changing World

More detailed information about the content of both courses can be found by clicking on the links below:

A level:

Facilities and resources:

All students have access to the following to help them excel on this course:

  • Textbooks and revision guides
  • Class resources specifically written for QEGS students that are tailored to the course
  • Past paper work books and revision activities to aid with independent study
  • Online activities delivered through our Google Classroom virtual learning environment

 Trips and visits:

In the past we have visited London’s financial district, The Shard, The Bank of England, The London School of Economics, The Houses of Parliament, Manchester University and had guest lectures from Financial Advisors and Human Resource specialists.


Most years we take part in the Student Investor Challenge where students invest £100k of virtual money onto the London Stock Exchange. We also run clinics to help pupils and students who require additional help.

More detailed information about the specification can be found by following this link: 

For more information contact:

Miss P Cunningham
Subject Lead of Humanities (Business and Economics)