Biology A-Level AQA


The aim of the AQA (biology-7401-7402) course is to stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment of Biology and to equip students for further studies requiring a scientific background by developing safe experimental and investigative abilities, and to acquire a systematic body of biological knowledge, including the uses and limitations of Biology. AS and A-level Biology are now de-coupled. None of the marks obtained for the AS qualification, if taken, are carried forward for the A-level qualification. This means that the A-level examinations will examine the full course after two years of learning.


AS Course Content A-level Course Content
Biological molecules Energy transfers in and between organisms
Cells Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
Organisms exchange substances with their environment Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms The control of gene expression

Practical Skills

These are assessed by the teacher during lessons and laboratory books are moderated by an external assessor from the examination board. If a student passes the practical requirements of the course, they will receive practical endorsement on their A-level certificate, in addition to their grade achieved in the theory. However, a student may still achieve a very high grade in the course without receiving practical endorsement if their practical work or record keeping is not of a satisfactory standard. Practical questions also appear on the written examinations, as such we do lots of practical work to ensure our students are fully prepared to answer such questions.


Text Books

Course Book  Author Publisher
GCSE Biology AQA Biology Third Edition (online Kerboodle access) Fullick and Coates Oxford
A level Biology AQA Biology A-Level Year 1 online Kerboodle access

AQA Biology A-Level Year 2 online Kerboodle access

Essential Maths Skills for A-Level Biology

AQA Revision and Study Guides are available to order at cost price through Scopay

Oxford University Press



A selection of textbooks are also available for the pupils in the school library. A selection of reference books are available for staff in the Head of Faculty office.

A class set of Learning by Questions tablets is available to be booked by teachers.


B4 is a small laboratory and is mainly used for 6th form groups or small groups in other years
Laboratories B1, B2 and B3 are larger and can be used with any year group.
All Biology labs were refurbished in
A general ICT suite (ICT1), is also available (but this is a whole school resource and requires booking in advance).

2 preparation rooms (one for Years 10/11 & A level and one for years 7 – 9).
1 Subject lead office.

1 flammable liquids store.

1 equipment storage area.


  • STEM challenge
  • Olympiads
  • Big Bang NEC
  • A Level Ecology Field Trip


  • Year 12 Drop in Clinic (Wednesday’s Week A after school in B2)
  • Year 13 Revision (Wednesday’s Week A after school in B3)
  • Biology Olympiad and Challenge
  • Nancy Rothwell Award for Biological illustration

For more information contact:

Mr DM Moriarty Eames
Subject Leader of Biology