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Parents of pupils in Years 7 to 11 must use Cashless Catering to pay for school meals.
Junior School Dinners is to be used only for pupils in Junior School (Years 3 to 6).

It can take around 3 hours for the system to update payments.  Please allow for this and check back later

The link code you used originally will not work more than once.  Contact the Finance Office to request a new one (Tel: 01254 686300 ext 315)

Parents cannot make the changes themselves.   Contact the Finance Office on (01254) 686300 ext 315 to ask us to move the money into the correct section for you

The cost of a Junior School meal is £2.50 per day so you should expect to top up by £12.00 per week.

Pupils in Years 7 to 11 can choose from a variety of options, with the basic meal deal costing £2.50 (comprising of a main course, dessert, fruit and a small juice carton).

School transport charges are calculated in advance and the whole amount for the school year will be applied to your Scopay account.  Parents can pay the whole amount in advance or choose to pay by instalments, but it is recommended that you pay at least a third of the balance by the end of each of the three terms in order to clear the balance by the end of the school year.   Refunds for absences are not given – the seat on the bus is purchased for the year and the contract we have with the bus company is based on these terms.

Any charges for trips and other items will appear on your Scopay account.  We ask that parents pay these charges as soon as possible please.   Parents can choose to pay by instalments, however it is expected that the balance is cleared before the start of the trip or as soon as possible thereafter.

We will allow your child to purchase a lunch up to the value of £2.40, which will be debited to your account.   Any meals purchased beyond that will be written up by the Catering Department staff at the point of purchase and once you top up your account, these charges will be taken off.

If your child’s account has been in arrears, the Catering Department staff will record all purchases until such time that you top up the account and manually enter these charges once your account is back in credit; so the date used is usually the day you top up, or the day after.

The charges for Junior School dinners are applied at the beginning of each week.   Any absences recorded are then collated and adjusted at the end of the week or early the following week.

It is not possible to pay by any other method.  We cannot accept cash if you bring it in to school.

In the first instance, try logging in to your account using the email address you originally used when you set the account up.   It is then possible to re-set your password.  If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the Finance Office on (01254) 686300 (ext 315).