On Thursday 15th March once again we patiently waited for the Carnegie Medal shortlist to be announced – by early morning we had received the email with the shortlisted titles, by noon we had received our box of books, the book award could commence!

This year 8 pupils from Year 5 will have the tremendous opportunity to shadow the Kate Greenaway award (the Junior version of Carnegie) – a first for QEGS and such a wonderful opportunity for all involved.

The first session took place on Thursday 15th March – with 11 more planned.

Our Senior School Librarian was just as much excited as the shadowing team – who all arrived full of enthusiasm.

The 7 shortlisted titles will be reviewed, discussed and most of all enjoyed over the next 11 weeks. Visual literacy will be the main focus – concentrating on the illustrator’s work – and looking at the books now, there are indeed some fabulous illustrations.

Shortlisted titles can be found here:


We already have the latest news published on our Library Facebook page


and we’ve already updated the Carnegie/Kate Greenaway official website


Towards the end of the book award our shadowing group will vote for their favourite book – with hundreds of other schools also voting.

The conclusion of the event will be in June, when we will discover the winning book for 2018, and when our shadowing group will be invited to celebrate.

Blackburn Central Library have once again agreed to display our pupil’s book reviews over the summer.

Looks to be an extremely busy time ahead and a very exciting book award.