Keen Scientists in Year 9 travelled to the University of Salford for an exhilarating day of science talks, taking pupils from their studies to cutting-edge research and future applications. Five highly engaging, interactive sessions ran across the conference on the topics of; ‘Bring Back the King – The Science of De-Extinction’, ‘Does your Phone Cost the Earth?’, ‘The Future of Energy’, ‘Everest Lab’ and ‘Science of the Future’.

The sessions, led by leading Scientists in Academia and Industry, aimed to inspire the scientists of the future with demonstrations and audience participation. There was also an interesting session on examination success, which helped to equip pupils with the tools to succeed, including distribution of a handy revision guide.

Teachers and pupils alike reflected on a fantastic day, with feedback on the trip summarising the day as ‘excellent, very inspiring and pitched at the perfect level’ and that the revision session ‘was very helpful and had some good tips!’.