Year 13 linguists bravely participated in the Northern Schools MFL Debating competition, supporting their A level study. French and Spanish students had to prepare and then take part in two debates in their chosen language, with topics ranging from ‘investment in space exploration’ and ‘the toxicity of fame’ – something that would be difficult to do in English!

Mr Gould supported the Spanish team who fought hard to defend the motions that were put to them. The students delivered well-thought-out and well-articulated arguments in both debates, with the event providing students with the perfect opportunity to refine their analytical skills and develop their confidence when speaking in front of an audience. They performed very well indeed.

Mrs Tattersall accompanied the French group, comprising of Seb Roberts and Jess Walsh and Mrs Tattersall was impressed with the team’s range of points to support their arguments, as well as their ability to respond quickly and succinctly to the opposition’s counter arguments. This allowed them to progress to the semi-final where the title for discussion was ‘I would rather have a mirror than a window’.

The audience was treated to a debate of exceptional quality, both in terms of rational thought and linguistic dexterity. Seb and Jess were articulate and confident in the delivery of their arguments and were strong in their rebuttal. It was a very close contest and they lost by the narrowest of margins to a worthy team.

All participants should feel a great sense of pride and achievement their contributions; we are certainly very proud of them!