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At the end of Trinity Term, pupils from Years 5 and 6 put on a fantastic production of the wonderful wild west musical comedy ‘Ye-Ha!’

Mad Dog McNut and his gang were running wild and Wilbur Hubbard, the cowardly cook at the Fordoor Saloon, lands the job the no-one wanted – the Sheriff of Splodge City!

Luckily for Wilbur, Billy-Jo Brisket and her faithful steed Lightening come to town to lend a hand. Then suddenly the race was on to save the town and to find the hidden gold!

It was a truly professional show. The witty one-liners had both adults and children laughing out loud, and the foot-tapping, catchy songs and dances had the audience clapping along in their seats. It was definitely an action packed performance and an experience that the pupils, parents and teachers will remember.