REMINDER: School will close on Thursday 9th July at 3.30pm.
If you are a key worker and require childcare after 9th July 2020, please contact us on 01254 686300 to direct you to local BwD services

Uganda Ball, don’t miss out on this fantastic event, reserve your place now

Since 2010, QEGS have been raising money to build a primary school for HIV orphaned children in Kampala, Uganda.  Mr Buckingham has had the great privilege of leading four visits to the school, taking over 100 of our fantastic Sixth Form students.  Our success has been phenomenal and we are extremely proud to announce that the school is nearing its completion.  Over 250 young people in Wakiso District now have a school that they can attend, without our continued fundraising they would not have had this opportunity.  In July, Mr Buckingham will be accompanying Sixth Form students to Uganda to hopefully complete the build.

As part of our continued fundraising, Saturday 11th May, we are holding a Ball at Pleasington Golf Club to raise further funds; all are welcome to attend.  Every single penny raised will go towards making a better future for these young people in Uganda.

If you require any further information, please email Mr Buckingham

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