Year 5 Pupils at Queen Elizabeth’s Primary School welcomed ‘The Kindness Coach’, John Magee for a ‘Happy Tank’ workshop.

The Happy Tank is a great way to help children consider practical tools to improve their mood when they’re feeling low with an emphasis that happiness is a choice.  The Happy Tank enables young people to make decisions that can bring happiness to their lives and make it a lived and breathed habit.

As part of the workshop, pupils received their own copy of ‘The Happy Tank’ and worked through the book with John, learning how to ‘fill their happy tanks’ using six steps; breathing, reflection, kindness, affirmations, gratitude, and happy tapping.

We were very excited to have John back with us again this year after his earlier visit in September for the Kindness Matters challenge.

Pupils enjoyed the session with John and felt they had learnt new skills to self-regulate and feel happier.

Mrs Southworth, Head of Primary said “The super learning day with John has been amazing and the book is brilliant! The Happy Tank gives children practical tools to improve their mood and more importantly, teaches them to self-regulate. The six steps shared in the book gives children positive habits that will stay with them for life which is key to positive mental health; happy children = children learning.”