Pupils in Years 7 and 8 took part in an engaging theatre roadshow by MGA productions.

The production was aimed to showcase various STEM careers ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) they could work towards in the future. The theatre production working in collaboration with BAE Systems, The Royal Air Force, and The Royal Navy delivered a fantastic and energetic performance based on the theme of ‘From the depths of the oceans to outer space.’ 

During the event, they examined the engineering challenges that are faced when travelling to the most inhospitable places and they were able to discover some of the innovative solutions to these problems.

The performance managed to both inspire and engage our pupils who thoroughly enjoyed it.

Head of Careers Mrs Judy Powell said “These events are a great way to showcase various career paths for pupils to consider. STEM careers are extremely popular amongst our pupils, and they look forward to these types of events. Pupils really enjoyed the roadshow and participated with the production team.”