1st XI             vs         Bury Grammar School, won 2-1

U15’s             vs         Bury Grammar School, lost 3-0

U14’s             vs         Bury Grammar School, lost 7-1

U13’s             vs         Bury Grammar School, drew 4-4

U12’s             vs         Bury Grammar School, lost 4-2


Seniors            vs         St Wilfrids, won 10-7



There was a fantastic atmosphere at the swimming trials on Monday, thank you to all who came for a swim.


Additional Sports Results

Netball – BwD league

Year 10/11      vs         TIGHS, won 24-3

Year 10/11      vs         St Wilfrids, lost 15-10


1st XI               vs         St Marys, won 2-0

1st XI               vs         St Wilfrids, won 3-0

2nd XI             vs         St Marys, lost 1-0

2nd XI             vs         St Wilfrids, won 3-2