Saturday Fixtures
U15’s                     v St Wilfrid’s, won 4-1
U14’s                     v St Wilfrid’s, lost 4-1
U13’s                     v St Wilfrid’s, lost 6-4
U12’s A                  v St Wilfrid’s, lost 7-2
U12’s B                  v St Wilfrid’s, lost 7-1

Mid-week Fixtures
1st XI                      v Liverpool Ramblers, won 7-2
1st XI                      v Westholme, won 5-0
2nd XI                     v Westholme, won 3-2


Seniors                  v Kirkham Grammar School, won
U15’s/14s              v Kirkham Grammar School, drew
U13’s                     v Kirkham Grammar School, lost
U12’s                     v Kirkham Grammar School, lost overall lost 192-152


Year group Challenge match
Year 8                    v Year 9, Year 9 won 5-2

Mid-week Fixtures
Year 11                  v DACA, lost 14-3 (BwD Town League fixture)
Year 9                    v DACA, won 5-2 (BwD Town League fixture)
Year 8                    v DACA, lost 8-4 (BwD Town League fixture)

Additional Sports Results

Fencing: Well done to Nicole Saunders for being selected to compete for the U20 British team in Poland next month.

House Cross Country Results

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Winner Boys Winner Girls
Year 10 Howard Raleigh Drake Frobisher Grenville Hawkins Oscar Kelly Sydney Chadderton
Year 9 Grenville Howard Drake Hawkins Frobisher Raleigh Jacob Veluthellipy Jaya Asal