Saturday Fixtures
1st XI                     v St Bedes, Manchester, won 2-1
U15’s                     v St Bedes, Manchester, won 3-2
U14’s                     v St Bedes, Manchester, won 5-2
U13’s                     v St Bedes, Manchester, lost 4-1
U12’s                     v St Bedes, Manchester, lost 3-2

Mid-week Fixtures
1st XI                      v LRGS, lost 4-1
2nd XI                     v St Wilfrid’s, lost 4-1

Swimming – Blackburn Hexangular Gala v Audenshaw, Hulme GS, Hutton GS & St Edwards

Seniors                 2nd
U15’s                     5th
U14’s                     4th
U13’s                     6th
U12’s                     5th

Well done to the QEGS swimmers who overall achieved 5th place and congratulations to Kirkham Grammar School for their win.


Saturday Fixtures
Year 10                  v Liverpool College, lost 20-4
Year 9                    v Liverpool College, lost 24-10
Year 8                    v Liverpool College, lost 15-4
Year 7                    v Liverpool College, won 7-4

Mid-week Fixtures
Seniors                 v Stoneyhurst ‘C’, lost 24-5
Seniors                 v Stoneyhurst ‘B’, lost 32-5
Year 11                 v St Bedes, lost 20-4 (Town League)
Year 11                 v St Wilfrid’s, lost 30-5 (Town League)
Year 10                 v St Bedes, lost 12-2 (Town League)
Year 10                 v St Wilfrid’s, lost 18-6 (Town League)

Additional Sports Results

Well done to the following QEGS swimmers who achieved first place in their races, whilst competeing in the Hexangular Gala.
Daniel Ainsworth             Senior Butterfly and Individual Medley
Dana Juma                        U12 Front Crawl