Saturday Fixtures
1st XI                     v Bolton School, lost 2-1
U15’s                     v Bolton School, lost 3-2
U14’s                     v Bolton School, won 7-0
U13’s                     v Bolton School, won 8-4
U12’s                     v Bolton School, lost 2-1

Mid-week Fixtures
1st XI                      v DACA (Town League), won 6-5
2nd XI                     v Hutton Grammar School U16’s, lost 1-0


U14’s                     fixture cancelled


Seniors                  v Westholme, lost 31-29
U15’s                     v Rossall School, lost 16-3
U14’s                     v Rossall School, lost 5-3
U13’s                     v Rossall School, won 15-7
U12’s                     v Rossall School, won 9-8

Additional Sports Results

Football: Well done to Sahil Iftikhar407407 and Sami Butt who both played for the U13 Town Team on Friday evening.

QEGS Sports Performance of the Week

Senior Netball Team: Despite a defeat, the girls played an excellent game against Westholme, it was a terrific match. Well done!

Saturday Teams: Well done again to all pupils and students who represented QEGS in netball and football on Saturday!