Saturday Fixtures
1st XI                     v Ripley St Thomas, won 7-0
U15’s                     v Ripley St Thomas, lost 4-0
U14’s                     v Ripley St Thomas, drew 4-4
U13’s                     v Ripley St Thomas, won 7-3
U12’s                     v Ripley St Thomas, lost 6-0

Mid-week Fixtures
1st XI                      v Westholme, won 1-0
2nd XI                     v Westholme, won 3-1

Results from Town Cup ¼ Finals
Year 8                    v Witton Park, won 6-1
Year 10                  v TIBS, lost 5-3
Year 11                  v Witton Park, won 3-2


Gala verses Ripley St Thomas, Hutton GS, Bury GS, Kirkham GS and LRGS

Seniors                  4th
U15’s                     5th
U14’s                     6th
U13’s                     4th
U12’s                     5th

Well done to Bury Grammar School who were the overall winners with QEGS finishing 5th


U15’s                     v Westholme, lost
U14’s                     v Westholme, lost 16-9
U13’s                     v Westholme, lost lost 15-1
U12’s                     v Westholme, lost

Mid-week Fixtures – Town League
Year 7                    v Darwen Vale, lost 8-4

Additional Sports Results

Cricket – Well done to OB Qasim Shah (left 2020) who has flown out to Islamabad to join the Pakistan Cricket Academy!