Saturday Fixtures

1st & 2nd XI          v AKS Lytham, won 2-1
U15’s                     v AKS Lytham, lost 4-1
U14’s                     v AKS Lytham, lost 5-1
U13’s                     v AKS Lytham, won 4-1
U12’s                     v AKS Lytham, won 1-0

Mid-week Fixtures
1st XI                      v Wolverhampton GS, drew 0-0
2nd XI                     v Stoneyhurst XI, lost 2-1


U14’s                     no fixture


Seniors                  v Lancaster RGS, lost 35-15
U15’s                     v Bury GS, lost 44-4
U14’s                     v Bury GS, lost 17-3
U13’s                     v Bury GS, lost 18-1
U12’s                     v Bury GS, lost 20-0

Additional Sports Results

Fencing: Well done to Nicole Saunders who fenced for Great Britain recently, finishing 104 out of 135. Nicole was knocked out of the competition by the overall winner and junior Olympic fencer Siobhan Sullivan from the USA.

QEGS Sports Performance of the Week

Well done to the 90 plus pupils and students who represented QEGS in netball and football on Saturday. Thank you for your commitment and efforts!