1st XI      v   MCC, match drawn
MCC, 199 for 1
QEGS, 80 for 6 (Hamza Amin 24 and Jaya Asal 19)
Read more about the match here :

1st XI      v   Stonyhurst, QEGS lost
Stonyhurst 148 for 5
QEGS, 50 for 8

U15’s     v   The Deanery in the LSCA Cup (round 1)
The Deanery, 41 for 7
QEGS, 41 for 7
The match was tied with QEGS then losing in a ‘Super Over’. Well done to Moin Rehman on an incredible 6 for 7 bowling performance.

U13’s     v   St John Thursby HS in the LSCA Cup (round 1), QEGS lost by 8 runs
St John Thursby HS, 50 all out (Jack Dunstan 3 for 2)
QEGS, 42 all out

U12’s A  v   Bowland HS in the LSCA Cup (round 1), QEGS won (match conceded)

U12’s B  v   LRGS A/B, QEGS won by 39 runs
QEGS, 95 for 7
LRGS, 56 all out

QEGS Sports Performance of the Week

With his remarkable bowling perfomance, well done to Moin Rehman who took 6 wickets for 7 runs in the County Cup, despite the team losing the match.



Saturday fixtures

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