Saturday Fixtures
1st XI                     v AKS Lytham, lost 3-2
U15’s                     v AKS Lytham, lost 3-1
U14’s                     v AKS Lytham, won 8-0
U13’s                     v AKS Lytham, won 7-0
U12’s                     v AKS Lytham, won 5-0

Midweek Fixtures
1st XI                      v Stonyhurst, lost 3-2
2nd XI                     v Stonyhurst, lost 4-0

Swimming v Rossall School

Seniors                 Won
U15’s/14’s             Lost
U13’s                     Lost
U12’s                     Won

QEGS won 145-137 points, well done to our QEGS Team in what was an enjoyable and closely fought gala.


Saturday Fixtures
U15’s                     v Bury Grammar School, lost
U14’s                     v Bury Grammar School, lost
U13’s                     v Bury Grammar School, lost
U12’s A                  v Bury Grammar School, lost 36-18
U12’s B                  v Bury Grammar School, lost 27-7

Midweek Fixtures
Seniors A              v Stonyhurst, lost 26-16
Seniors B              v Stonyhurst, lost 30-10

Year 7                   v St Wilfrid’s, won 7-3 (Town League)
Year 7                   v Our Lady’s, won 15-0 (Town League)

Additional Sports Results

Swimming           Well done to all the pupils who took part in a friendly swimming festival at Stonyhurst College on Thursday.

Badminton          Congratulations to our Year 7 and 8 Badminton players who took part in a Badmiston Festival at Pleckgate High School. For all pupils, this their first opportunity to play Badminton competively.

QEGS Sports Performance of the Week

Year 7 Netball Team
Well done to the Year 7 Netball Team, who are currently undefeated in the Town League. Keep up the good work girls!


Saturday fixtures

Please make sure you check the notice board Friday afternoon, ring Lammack Saturday morning from 7.30am onwards 01254 693 148, or follow the Twitter account @QEGSBlackburnPE to keep up to date with any cancellation arrangements.