Saturday Fixtures
1st XI                     v BCSC, won 1-0
U15’s                     v BCSC, won 4-2
U14’s                     v BCSC, lost 4-2
U13’s                     v BCSC, won 5-2
U12’s                     v BCSC, won 8-2

Mid-week Fixtures – ESFA Cup
1st XI                      v Trinity High School, Manchester, lost 5-2


Seniors                  v Westholme, won
U15’s                     v Westholme, lost
U14’s                     v Westholme, drew
U13’s                     v Westholme, won
U12’s                     v Westholme, lost            Overall lost 196-180


Year 10/11           v Our Lady’s, lost 18-5 (BwD Town League)
Year 10/11           v St. Bedes, lost 16-4 (BwD Town League)

Additional Sports Results

Cricket: This week Hassan played for the Manchester Hub Team, representing Lancashire in the MCC U15 competition at Lords. To play at Lords is a privilige in itself, but for the team to win the event made it just that extra special, congratulations, Hassan!