Saturday Fixtures
U15’s                     v Westhome School, won 6-4
U14’s                     v Westhome School, lost 7-4
U13’s                     v Westhome School, lost 4-2
U12’s                     v Westhome School, won 2-1

Mid-week Fixtures
1st XI                      v Shrewsbury School, won 1-0
2nd XI                     v Shrewsbury School, lost 2-0

Swimming – Blackburn with Darwen Schools’ 108th Annual Gala (Years 7, 8 and 9 Boys)

Town Champions for 2022 are,

  • Ben Brown, Year 7 Breastroke
  • Cameron Stephens, Year 8 Front Crawl
  • Jack Dunstan, Year 8 Breastroke
  • Daniel Saunders, Year 9 Front Crawl

Well done to the following boys who all gained places in the finals,

  • Ben Brown
  • Cameron Stephens
  • Jack Dunstan
  • Daniel Saunders
  • Kyden Lobo
  • Liam Machowski-Bailey
  • Adam Surtee
  • Zayd Sidat
  • Lewis Reeves-Harper
  • Sharik Ishtiaq
  • QEGS Medley Relay Team
  • QEGS Freestyle Relay Team

Congratulations and a huge thank you to all the boys who competed for QEGS at this event, espeially to those whose names have not been mentioned, for several of whom was their first competitive gala. You are most welcome to come and join the School Swimming Team!

QEGS achieved 4th place overall.


Saturday Fixtures
Seniors                 v LRGS, lost
U15 & 14’s           v Liverpool College, lost 26-5
U13’s                    v Liverpool College, lost 12-4
U12’s                    v Liverpool College, lost 17-8