Over 60 pupils visited Westholme Senior School to watch a performance by the Onatti Theatre Company, in Spanish. The play, called ‘Primeras Citas’ (First Dates) was about a boy and a girl arranging a first date and the events leading up to the date, including calling each other, making plans, getting ready to go out and visiting the cinema. 

The Year 10 and 11 Spanish pupils, who were accompanied by Mrs Broom, Mrs Tattersall, Mr Gould and Miss Nurney, thoroughly enjoyed the trip and found that they could understand what was going on during the play, not only through the language but through the acting too.

Abdullah, of Year 11, said, “I personally think that the play was phenomenal! It was well thought out and the acting was incredibly professional. The actors who played the characters of Carlos and Maria portrayed their roles with such real emotion and enthusiastically engaged the audience.  The only negative about the play would be that it was too short – I would have liked to have seen more! Nevertheless, the play was excellent!”