Modern Languages

Modern Languages

We aim to enable students across all age and ability ranges to study foreign languages with success and pleasure. Students are encouraged to develop the ability to understand foreign languages effectively for the purposes of practical communication. At the same time, we help them develop an understanding of the grammar and nature of foreign languages.

Course Content

During the A level course students will be required to use the language of debate and argument to discuss topical issues and to demonstrate skills in writing and translation, as well as showing an understanding of literature and possibly a film, on which they will eventually produce an extended written piece in the examination.

There will be a written examination, testing listening, reading and writing skills, as well as grammar on aspects of French/German/Spanish-speaking society, artistic culture in the French/German/Spanish-speaking world, and aspects of political life in the French/German/Spanish-speaking world. There will also be an examination in which students write about a film and a book or two books, and a speaking examination in which students talk about an individual research project, as well as a discussion on one of the sub-themes studied.

This course is ideal for students who:

  • Have shown an aptitude for languages at GCSE
  • Are interested in how languages work
  • Are confident in expressing views orally and in writing
  • Are interested in youth culture and current affairs.

Course highlights

During the course there could be the opportunity to go abroad, go on cultural visits and even be part of foreign-speaking debating teams.

What can students do next?

Taken from, here are some of the types of careers that modern linguists pursue: business services, charity work, engineering, law, media, museums and libraries, public administration, teaching, tourism, transport and logistics.

Subject minimum entry requirement

At least a grade 6, but preferably a grade 7 in your chosen A level modern language.

“Our teachers are extremely knowledgeable and complement each other perfectly. The lessons are engaging and prepare us superbly, not just for our exams but for the world outside.”

“I have had a fantastic experience learning languages at QEGS. The facilities, and more importantly the teachers, are excellent and have helped me to improve as a linguist more than I could have imagined”.

“Lessons are engaging and varied and thoroughly enjoyable. I feel with languages you have to be constantly engaged and be communicating as much as you can and we have done this throughout the year. Teachers are very supportive and are always in contact when needed. Overall really great experience and couldn’t have asked for more.”

Mrs R Tattersall
Head of Languages and Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning)