Towards the end of the academic year it’s always a delight to share achievements.  This year, we are extremely proud that the Accelerated Reader reading programme has helped to create twenty-five reading millionaires (reading a million words and beyond) and fifty-three STAR readers (reading 500,000 words and beyond).

As if reading a million words wasn’t enough, we also had two pupils who went on to read a staggering and impressive two million words, congratulations must go to Zainab Iftikar 7ZMS and Fahad Mohammad 7DMM.

Lots of fun was had by all, as readers celebrated their success with a lunchtime reading celebration where prizes and certificates were awarded to all achievers.  Nathan Millward 7ZMS was also awarded for his enthusiasm and sheer dedication to the reading programme.

QEGS Reading Millionaires for 2018/19 are:

Harvey Buck, Mariah Iqbal, Rayhan Motara, Erica Riley, Milly Hillman-Nixon, Inaaya Khan, Mohammad Mulla, William Hartley, Laiba Imran, Hibah Munir, Fahad Mohammad, Zainab Iftikar, Fatima Adnan, Zoya Ayaz, Hira Ayub, Christopher Chen, Mehek Hussain, Zareen Hussain, Rayhan Jamil, Aminah Masood, Adiva Shah, Haiqa Tariq, Freya Scott, Sania Tariq and Imaan Khalid.

In all, the final total for words read for 2018/19 were a staggering seven billion, four hundred and thirteen million, five hundred and eleven thousand and four hundred and sixty-six words read.

Well done everyone!

It was also a time to thank and congratulate our current Year 8 pupil librarians who have now all successfully completed their gold award for the pupil librarian training. This training is endorsed by the School Library Association, offers pupils a chance to learn many new library and social skills, helping pupils to become confident library users and ambassadors for the school.  Well done to: Freya Scott, Zac Jones, Mohammed Patel, Muhammad Ali, Christopher Chen and Paige Feast.

We are also delighted to announce news of our new pupil librarians for September 2019, chosen from our current Year 7 cohort.

We very much hope our new pupil librarians will enjoy the training as much as the team this year have done.

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