Following a number of strong applications from our Year 7 pupils, we are delighted to announce the 2020/21 Pupil Librarians. Senior School Librarian, Mrs Dewhurst, has chosen the following 13 pupils, who showed excellent attention to detail and care in the applications.

From September, the new team will follow the SLA training programme, working through a series of awards during their time as Pupil Librarians.

  • William Hopkins
  • Setareh Khattir
  • Vicky Zhou
  • Zahra Ashraf
  • Maryam Bhana
  • Ben Bailey
  • Hader Mohammad
  • Fizza Zafar
  • Aahil Shah
  • Sara Mahmood
  • Kitty Simpson
  • Zahra Eshan
  • Bilaal Daud

As the 2019/20 comes to a close, Mrs Dewhurst has created a presentation that celebrates the fantastic work that has taken place in the Library this year. The presentation includes feedback from authors, QEGS staff and special recognition for those pupils and students who have impressed in the Library this year.

To view this year’s celebration of reading presentation, please click here