What a lovely sunny morning it was when the Library shared the One Sunny Morning activity with our Year3 and 4 reading group, who all had a wonderful and inspiring visit to our senior school library.  Upon arrival twenty extremely excited pupils were given a short tour of welcoming and well-resourced senior library.

The pupils soon got to work on the bright and cheerful activity with Mrs Dewhurst, which looked at non-fiction/information books, designed to help pupils understand the way in which the Dewey Decimal System (standard system used in schools and most public libraries) works in libraries.  It’s never too early to start introducing the basics of library skills and talk about how libraries are organised, offering pupils a positive experience of books and the library.

Pupils were also given the opportunity to be creative as they took part in the Julia Donaldson book activity The Scarecrows’ Wedding. Each pupil left with a themed postcard, which had been sent to school by the author and poet Julia Donaldson.

The latter part of the session involved pupils being awarded certificates for their contribution to their reading group, and there were many!

Mrs Dewhurst was absolutely delighted to work with such an enthusiastic group who had shown excellent listening skills and very much hopes they will have the opportunity to visit the library again soon.