On the 29th January Dr Saunders, Mrs Ainsworth and Mr Hargreaves took a group of 33 Year 9 and 10 pupils to a Science Conference in Bradford.

It was a fascinating day of talks from a variety of speakers from each of the Science disciplines.

Here’s what one of our Year 9 pupils said:

The trip to GCSE Science Live in Bradford was great!  The event hall in Bradford had five lectures by various scientists including Dr Kate Lancaster, Professor Tony Ryan, Professor Steve Jones, Dr Hannah Critchlow and Professor Jim Al-Khalili. I found all of the lectures very factual and if I had to choose my favourite it would have been Dr Hannah’s brain experiment with two volunteers from the audience. I enjoyed this one the most because it was one of the only lectures which interacted with the audience and the vibe was great. Some topics that were discussed were Nuclear Fusion and Fission, Plastics, and how to re-use various polymers to grow plants, Genes and DNA, The Human Brain and Time Travel possibilities.

I would recommend this to GCSE students as it is a fun day where you learn new interesting things which you may not have known before. It was also hosted effectively and we were offered the opportunity to ask any questions. Overall it was an entertaining experience and I would love to go back when given the opportunity and hopefully see some different speakers.