On Thursday, all of Year 6 went back in time to live a day in 1941.  They dressed up as evacuees of World War Two and were evacuated to the countryside, to the farm land of Tatton Park.

As new evacuees, the pupils were able to learn something of what life was like for these children and how they had to adapt to their new and strange surroundings, the daily chores they had to do and the precautions they had to take.  The Year 6 evacuees were introduced to the animals and many had the chance to milk the cows, feed goats and chickens, and visit and learn about the horses, reindeer and pigs.

The evacuees had to use their rations to make their own toast on the open fire, and practised trying on gas masks and helmets.  Their chores included ensuring that all the windows in the cottage were fully blacked out at night.

During their visit, the air raid siren sounded and everyone headed to the air raid shelter to stay safe.  Spirits were kept high, as together they all sang popular wartime songs.  After a speedy rendition of ‘Run Rabbit Run’ the siren stopped, and to everyone’s relief they stepped out of the shelter to discover it all to have been a false alarm.