The science faculty and the school library recently joined forces to launch the Royal Society of Young People’s Book Prize for 2019.  This is the second year for our school to take part in the book prize and once again we are extremely excited about the process, which will continue to run until October.

A team of avid Year 7 readers joined Dr Saunders and Mrs Dewhurst for the book launch, including Year 8 pupil, Adam Sidat, whom after thoroughly enjoying his role of being a judge last year, returned to the panel once again.

The judges are looking forward to delving into the six shortlisted titles and will be guided by the Chair, who will help steer them along the judging path, making group decisions and following the strict criteria for the award.

The award is endorsed by the School Library Association, and is another opportunity for the school library to collaborate with other areas within school.

Thank you to the Royal Society for their generous donation of the books, the shortlisted science books will be added to the main library stock at the end of the book prize.

The panel:

Chair: Zainab Iftiker (7ZMS)

Judges: Omar Juma (7DMM), Harvey Buck (7DMM), William Hartley (7DMM), Hibah Munir (7ZMS), Erica Riley (7FAM), Jaden Baron (7FAM), Cameron Latif (7KIC) and Adam Sidat (8JLN)

Joint panel leaders: Dr Saunders and Mrs. Dewhurst

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