Pupils in Year 7 celebrated Roald Dahl Day in September, with an array of activities taking place across the day.

The event got underway at the Year 7 morning assembly and to get our pupils thinking, eight cryptic clues were given to them ahead of the ‘Guess the Book Character’ competition.

During lunchtime, lots of excited pupils filled the library, taking part in activities such as ‘Dream Jar’, a book quiz and crosswords. The BFG’s words, ‘You must not be giving up so easy’ were most encouraging for our Year 7 pupils!

Five lucky pupils won prizes on the day, which included copies of Roald Dahl books and certificates. Well done to all of our winners on the day:

7MLW: Malaika Rehman, Daley Okiye, Sara Mahmood and Imaad Faissel

7KIC: Mahira Mussa

Thank you to all who made the day a roaring success!

You can see more photos of the event, here.