Ahead of the QEGS Shared Iftar this Friday, members of the QEGS community have been sending in their favourite recipes.

Below are the links to the recipes that we are encouraging staff, parents, carers, pupils and students to use as part of the joint fast taking place across the day. The event has been planned as a modified version of the annual QEGS Iftar which usually takes place within school and we hope many members of the QEGS community will take part in the fast and iftar this Friday.

We would like to ask you to select one (or more!) dishes from the above list to create this Friday and to photograph or video moments from your day. We encourage photos and videos from the preparation and of course the eating of the food, once the sun has set on Friday.

We will then share a celebratory video ahead of Eid on the 24th May, to mark what is a special time in QEGS’ calendar.

Photos and videos should be in landscape and videos no longer than 10 seconds. Please send photos and videos to gavery@qegsblackburn.com. By sending your photos and videos, you are consenting to their use on our website and social media channels.