During the course of the year there are many occasions when we come together to celebrate for one reason or another.  As a school we are encouraged to promote the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs.

Many of you will know that we are now in the season of Ramadan and therefore many of our pupils, students, parents and carers are fasting during day light hours during this time. The fast is broken at around sunset (the Iftaar). I am pleased to report members of staff have joined in the fast today, Wednesday 22nd May.

In order to celebrate we welcome all parents, carers, students and pupils to return to school this evening at 9pm (Wednesday 22nd May) to celebrate and break the fast together.  This is an invitation to all, regardless of cultural background. We all live in and around Blackburn and this is our community – we should celebrate together!

There will be refreshments provided, but you are welcome to bring along extra foods should you wish.  Namaaz facilities will be available if you would like to bring along your own prayer mats.

Entrance to the School will be via the Head’s door on West Park Road and the door will be open from 8.45pm, we look forward to seeing you!