The QEGS Physical Education & Sport Faculty prides itself on raising money for charitable causes. Our principal focus in more recent times has been the wonderful Children with Cancer UK charity, a UK based charity dedicated to raising funds for research and providing care for children with cancer and their families.

Established in 1987 by Eddie and Marion O’Gorman in memory of their son, Paul, who died from leukaemia. The O’Gorman’s lost a second child, their daughter Jean, to cancer shortly after their first fundraising event.

Childhood cancers are different to adult cancers and need their own research. Most childhood cancers are unique to children. On average, 12 children are told each day that they have cancer, that’s 12 families all suffering anxiety, uncertainty and fear of what lies ahead.

Cancer is still the most common medical cause of death in young people and the aims of their research projects are to understand what causes children to get cancer and help to develop improved treatments.

Our Fun Run day was very much about raising awareness amongst QEGS pupils and students as to the impact of cancer, show them that everyone can make a difference, and that decent, caring people look out for others in times of need. We also wanted to highlight the work of the inspirational people who research childhood cancer and to help our community understand that their money matters. Whether it be 10p, 50p, £1 or more, their contribution is a gesture that brings hope to children and their families.

Such has been the positive impact of the work undertaken that 5 out of 6 children will live into adulthood. Again, part of the day was to help our pupils recognise that the money could help to fund one everlasting memory for a child and their family in their hours of need and at a time when they need it most.

And finally, we wanted to highlight the significance of the ‘end of treatment bell’. Every child who receives their final course of treatment gets to ring the bell as they leave their hospital ward for the final time. Actions speak louder than words; it provides hope, optimism and a realisation that light does exist at the end of what has been for many, a very dark and frightening tunnel.

And so on the final day of term, over 500 pupils in years 7 to 10 embarked on QEGS own ‘Race for Life’ event. The sun shone and the end of term feeling brought plenty of smiles and excitement. The task? To run, jog, walk or a combination, for 20 minutes around the ¼ mile loop of Corporation Park that lies adjacent to West Park Road in front of Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School.

Pupils, students and staff participating and giving their best in support of others. A knowing sense of pride and achievement when picking up their runners’ medals and the realisation that what they had done was a demonstration gesture of support to others.

The annual fun run was the culmination of a number of fun runs undertaken to coincide with the various Year 11 & 13 leavers’ sports festivals the previous week. In total, over 800 pupils and students at our school supported the event in one way or another.

I am delighted to report that because of our efforts, we managed to raise more than £660 for Children with Cancer UK this year and as a faculty, our fundraising efforts over the years now total well in excess of £9150.

As a school, QEGS should feel justifiably proud that it continues to serve the community as it does and is prepared to do something positive and charitable in making our community and the world a better place. Actions do speak louder than words and this event is a fine example of that.

Well done to all at QEGS and thank you once again!

Dr ME Butler
Head of PE & Sport