On a Sunday morning towards the end of Trinity Term, a group of QEGS choir members were accompanied by Miss Cockshott and Mr Garrett to see the musical ‘Shrek’ at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool.

After a journey, lasting over an hour and a half the group landed in Liverpool and eagerly devoured their packed lunches. Happily fed and watered the group set off on the short walk to the theatre. With a few minutes to spare, they were shown to their seats in the enchanting old Theatre. The lights dimmed, the band strummed along and when the spotlights came up the group were transported to the fairy tale kingdom of Duloc. With lots of impressive singing, and great artistic props the group thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful spectacle. As the story gained momentum and the first half ended, the audience were left spellbound and waiting for more. The whole theatre then erupted with the final song: “I’m a believer”.