Pupils, parents and staff came together to celebrate ‘Libraries Week’ by running a range of activities to promote the benefits of reading.

Alongside the new reading lists that had been created, Head of Library, Mrs Dewhurst, introduced a ‘Message in a book’ initiative which ran throughout the week aiming to motivate readers to finish their books or try something new.

Words of encouragement were written on over 150 sticky notes and placed inside fiction books, with messages focused around themes of perseverance, motivation, inspiration, kindness and compassion. The notes were well-received and thanks to assistance from parent helpers, Year 11 pupil Ayesha Saleh and the Year 8 pupil librarians, the library now has a bank of encouraging messages for pupils. Due to the success of the messages, we will continue to run this initiative in the school library.

The National Literacy Trust also sent a range of new posters to help pupils with their book choices in the coming months and a selection of new books were put on display in the library as part of the week, with something on offer for every reader.

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