Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School has purchased eight sets of pupil tablets to support the use of ‘Learning by Questions’, a classroom app designed to provide immediate pupil feedback and super charge learning. The app, which is initially for use in Maths and Science (Senior Phase) and KS2 Maths, English and Science in Primary Phase, is filled with curriculum-aligned question sets that provide automatic, immediate feedback to pupils.

This allows them to respond and improve their answers from the guidance given and allows teachers to verify learning as it happens.

 LBQ provides pupils with:

  • Safe learning through privacy
  • Opportunity to work at their own pace during lessons
  • Instant feedback to guide learning
  • Challenging questions in line with their ability
  • Help when they need it most
  • An effective learning journey
  • Increased progress

LBQ provides teachers with:

  • Live display to show who needs help
  • Intervene effectively and immediately without delayed response after teacher marking
  • Opportunities to correct misconceptions early
  • An ability to adapt lessons to assure understanding
  • Engagement students at their level
  • An ability to raise achievement without raising pupil stress
  • An ability to stretch the most-able towards mastery

LbQ won ‘Innovator of the Year Award’ at the 2019 BETT show and QEGS has been selected as an ‘Ambassador School’ for the technology. Dr Saunders, Head of Science Faculty, explains: “The app allows teachers to use live data to pinpoint where intervention is needed and why, and as such it is hugely supportive to the progress of our pupils.”

“Pupils use the tablets to progress through scaffolded question sets at their own pace, and results are automatically recorded to support assessment and planning in the future. We are delighted to be an Ambassador School for LbQ and look forward to using the app to its maximum potential to support our pupils in school.”