Pupils in Year 4 had an exciting trip to the Yorkshire Dales to visit White Scar Caves, the longest show cave in England and the UK.

They had to duck, dive and squeeze between the rocks, to explore the longest show cave in the UK. Pupils impressed staff and parent helpers with their bravery and it was lovely to see pupils encouraging one another. 

The adventure saw pupils shake hands with the witch’s finger, dodge the devil’s tongue dripping, see the judge on the ledge and meet the witch on the rocks at the very end. 

Pupils learnt about physical features of Geography, the formation of the rocks, the force of water and saw how stalactites are formed. They saw an amazing waterfall inside the cave and heard all about the explorer Christopher Long. 

An excellent day for Year 4 and a great opportunity for all. It appears there are some budding cavers amongst our pupils!